Thursday, February 18, 2010

Celebrate your loved ones life; comment with their "In Memory of" detail

Find the silver linings packaged around the dark storm clouds in your life.  Because of my journey which has been filled with loss, I am a much stronger and compassionate person today.  I know my Father wouldn't have wanted me to stop feeling or living life to its fullest and I'm sure your loved one feels the same.  They are now part of our universe.  We can feel them through nature, in our heart and in our memories.  Celebrate their life by reminiscing with family and friends.  Leave a comment about your loved one; talk about their legacy or simply just provide their "In Loving Memory of" detail.  May your heart blossom and fill with a new found zest for life!


Anonymous said...

my beloved Father .. devoted daughter Lib from U.K.

Anonymous said...

My sweet little boy Levy Chance, we miss you dearly ~ millions of hugs and kisses!!<3 Love,Momma ~ Rhonda USA