Thursday, December 31, 2015

Remembering Those in Spirit

Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo

I'm sitting here in Michigan just fresh into the new year thinking about the spirits of those who have touched me and continue to reach me from afar. My dad instantly comes to mind. I lost him in 2008 and now I carry him with me in my heart and through my memories always. He filled the room with laughter; his sense of humor was bigger than life and it lives on within me. I miss him terribly but I know I can always close my eyes and feel his presence, I just have to be still to do this.

I have many loved ones in spirit form and some of these are my fury angels, Scruples and Charcoal (my kitty cats) and Ronny (my husband's dog who I was grateful to have spent a few years with). We are so blessed to be able to make connections with animals; they teach us so much and I miss them terribly too; such beautiful and empowering souls!

As much as it hurts to lose our loved ones from the physical world, I believe they are in a better place and we'll see them again. It is my faith and spirituality that keeps this belief alive.

I hope, wherever you are and whomever you are missing, that you are able to lean on your faith and spirituality to feel the presence of those who are now one with the universe. We are all part of this collective whole; just close your eyes and be still in order to feel it!